The rock and ice mechanics lab at Lamont-Doherty is led by PIs Heather Savage, Christine McCarthy and Ben Holtzman. We are in the process of growing our lab and building our experimental program. Along with a team of postdocs, undergrads, grads, and longtime staff engineer Ted, we are rehabilitating and revamping some of the old equipment and building new rigs for exciting new experiments on both rock and ice. You can follow along with our progress here.

Friday, 17 August 2012

old Dutch lathe

Ted, Heather, and I are off in Boston at a workshop for experimentalists, so there's not a lot of progress in the lab at the moment. In the meantime I thought I'd share some pictures taken during my vacation in the Netherlands last week. In a small town near Amsterdam there is an open-air museum called Zuiderzee, which is an entire 17th century Dutch fishing village. In addition to all kinds of other aspects related to life at that time (smoking fish, doing laundry, burning coal, rope-making, etc.) the museum had a guy doing some woodworking using an old-school, foot-powered lathe. It looked pretty fun.

I suppose once you do some woodworking to make your wooden shoe, you could grab some paint and glitter and "Pimp your klomp"!

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