The rock and ice mechanics lab at Lamont-Doherty is led by PIs Heather Savage, Christine McCarthy and Ben Holtzman. We are in the process of growing our lab and building our experimental program. Along with a team of postdocs, undergrads, grads, and longtime staff engineer Ted, we are rehabilitating and revamping some of the old equipment and building new rigs for exciting new experiments on both rock and ice. You can follow along with our progress here.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

It's moving….IT'S ALIVE!!

Huge progress in the lab today. The last month or two have been filled with a whole lot of calibrating, adjusting, wiring….
…testing, cross testing and multi component cross testing. Ted has been working his butt off getting all the electronics to talk to each other just right, getting all the limits and failsafes to do their job, and fixing last minute hydraulic leaks.
And this afternoon, we had the load cells and LVDTs hooked up and the electronics driving the hydraulics pistons. We can make it move up and down on command, in either load or position control. This is huge! THE LDEO CRY-AX IS ALIVE! We can now start squeezing and sliding the heck out of stuff! Yeah!

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