The rock and ice mechanics lab at Lamont-Doherty is led by PIs Heather Savage, Christine McCarthy and Ben Holtzman. We are in the process of growing our lab and building our experimental program. Along with a team of postdocs, undergrads, grads, and longtime staff engineer Ted, we are rehabilitating and revamping some of the old equipment and building new rigs for exciting new experiments on both rock and ice. You can follow along with our progress here.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Possibly the cutest lab ever

"This is possibly the cutest lab ever" exclaimed one of our visitors last winter. And well, I might have to agree, what with all the babies and puppies.  Seb, our newest lab kid, made his appearance on the scene last summer and quite a few visits to the lab this winter (thanks to all those daycare germs giving him baby illnesses). Here he is color-coordinated with the best babysitter ever!

And sweet fluffy Charlie became the lab's new mascot/ferocious guard dog.
We even get cute visitors. Mike is still angry that we wouldn't let him keep the fawn.
Heck, even our snakes are freaking adorable.

So come on out to visit the lab, but just prepare yourself for the cuteness overload. You've been warned!

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